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Your Terms & Conditions with MyCar Rentals

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1. The renter means the person, company, firm or organization by or/on behalf of whom this Agreement is signed.

2. “Authorized driver” means the driver(s) approved by the Owner and the renter and whose name(s) and other particulars are entered over leaf by the Owner. The Authorized Driver does not include the Renter unless his name is entered overleaf by the Owner as a person authorized to drive the Vehicle.

3. The Vehicle is the property of the Owner and is in good roadworthy condition. The Renter will return the Vehicle with all tyres as when received, ordinary wear and tear excepted to the place and on the date shown overleaf or sooner if requested by the Renter.

4. The Renter will pay the Owner on demand all the charges specified and will also pay the charges set out in the Owners tariffs valid at the date of signature of this Agreement. The Owner reserves the right to invoice the Renter at any interval on the basis of an estimate of the time and mileage charges incurred by the Renter and the Renter agrees to pay the charges on the receipt of such invoice. Any appropriate adjustment in charges will be made on the return of the Vehicle to the Owner.

5. The Renter will at the request of the Owner do all that is required by the Owner for the enforcement of any rights or remedies against other parties in connection with the Vehicle.

6. (a) the vehicle is properly insured against the law. A copy of the Policy may be inspected during normal business hours at the Head Office of the Owner. The Renter or himself, and on behalf of any Authorized Driver, agrees to comply with and be bound by all the terms, conditions and limitations, of such policy which are hereby incorporated by reference into this agreement as fully as if the same were set out herein. Clause 9(a) does not apply to Renter whose own insurance cover(with indemnity)has been accepted by the Owner and the portion of which is recovered overleaf by the Initial of the Renter. Clause 9(b) does not apply to Renter accepting comprehensive insurance where the vehicle is covered against all liabilities by that insurance.

(b) Every accident involving the Vehicle shall be reported at once To the Head Office of the Owner and to the Police and an accident Report form obtainable there from be completed within 24 hours. The Renter or any Authorized Driver will obtain the names and addresses of witnesses will make no admission of liability; will deliver to the nearest branch of the Owner all summonses, writs and documents received; will not aid or abet any claimant but will co-operate fully with the Owner and the Owner’s insurance company in the investigation and defense of any claims.

(c) The vehicle will not be used.

(i) for the carriage of passengers and property for hire or reward;

(ii) for any illegal purpose;

(iii) to propel or tow any other Vehicle or trailer

(iv) for racing, pace making, reliability trials, speed testing, other Contests or driving tuition

(v) in the violation of the provisions of any Act, Order or Regulation affecting the use, loading or condition of the vehicle;

(vi) to carry a greater number of passengers and/or larger than recommended by the Vehicle Manufacturer;

(vii) Outside Cyprus without the express agreement in writing of the Owner;

(viii) otherwise than on a made-up road or carriageway;

(d) the Vehicle shall not be driven or operated by any person:

(i )who suffers from any physical infirmity or defective vision or hearing;

(ii) other than an Authorized Driver;

(iii) who has given a fictitious or false name, age, address;

(iv) who has ever been convicted of driving whilst under the Influence of drink or drugs, driving of being in charge of the Vehicle with the blood-alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit, careless or inconsiderate driving(if more than two endorsements), speeding(if more than two endorsements),and causing death by reckless or dangerous driving;

(v) who is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, narcotics or barbiturates;

(vi) who is under 25 years of age and has held a valid driving license for less than three years at the time of rental unless details have been disclosed to the owner in advance and have been entered in The REMARKS space;

(vii) who has within the preceding period of 3 years convicted of Monitoring offense of involved in any accident unless details have been disclosed to the Owner;

(viii) In any manner which will render any insurance policy void;

7. Damages caused to the tyres, windscreen and underside of the Rented vehicle is renter’s liability and such damages are not covered by Super Collision Damage Waiver(SCDW). Optional coverage is prohibited if Tyres, Windscreen, Underside Cover (TWUC) is purchased.

8. All Waivers exclude damage caused by offroad use, loose surface roads, Or within the Akamas park. Any damage thus caused will be the client’s responsibility.

9. Fuel: Vehicles that should be returned with a full tank but are not, a refueling charge of 15 may be applicable.

10. The Renter will immediately inform the Owner of any loss or damage to, or fault or deterioration in, the Vehicle and will not use the Vehicle whilst it is in an unroadworthy condition or liable to cause damage to any person or property.

11. The Owner accepts no responsibility for delays caused by or attributable To the breakdown or malfunction of the Vehicle or any other circumstances whether similar or not.

12. No right of the owner under the Agreement will be waived except in writing signed by the Owner’s then Managing Director or General Manager.

13. (a)the rental of the Vehicle or the insurance cover provided in condition 9(a) Can be extended beyond the return date specified overleaf, by the Renter presenting himself at a location of the Owner. The Owner reserves the right to refuse such extension.

(b) the Vehicle is not covered by any insurance cover provided in condition 9(a) After the date on which the Vehicle is to be returned to the Owner unless the Rental is extended in accordance with sub-clause16(a)above.

14. the Owner has the inalienable right to terminate , without liable to damages the present agreement if he is satisfied that the renter makes bad use of the Vehicle and/or contrary to the terms of hire.

15. The Renter agrees to accept debit of the rental charges as well as charges For obligations or responsibilities deriving from this rental agreement to his personal or company credit card.

16. Any damage to the interior of the vehicle includes stains and burns are client’s responsibility and are not covered by any type of insurance or waiver.

17. Lost keys are payable by the renter and are not covered by any type of insurance or waiver.

18. Legal cases of European Union members are under the jurisdiction of the Cyprus Law.

19. The collection and processing of the Renter’s personal data by the Owner For the purposes of this Rental Agreement is subject to the Privacy Notice Attached hereto, which shall be considered an integral part of this Rental Agreement